Monday, 18 June 2012

Life is good here in Maronka

The girls produced and acted with some of the boys a great play on FGM (female genital mutilation) and their right to choose last week.  They are going to visit the secondary school at Rolal tomorrow to perform the play for the senior students and they are very excited.  It was so good to see how passionate they are about their rights, Isata has been coaching them well ; )  All the children are learning about human rights around the world with Cobra the head teacher in Maronka who has started a Human Rights club after school.  If I can I will put the video I took of the play on Facebook, look out for it in July when I have some super fast internet in London.

We have 2 new volunteers, Neesha and Kate who have just completed their primary teacher training and have come to spend a month with us in Maronka.  They are settling in nicely and are working with the kingfishers and Humming birds classes and have started helping the girls work on their scrap books.  We hope all the girls will have some positive memories to keep in their scrap books from their time living with us here in Maronka to look back on someday. It has been really exciting for me and Isata to track the progress they are making too, so thanks again to you all for your support.

Neesha and Kate have set themselves a challenge for the month here......

and here is a very serious Isata showing them how its really done.....

Welcome to our newest girl in the house Augusta who had stopped going to school and was hanging around the fish smoking women in the market. She has moved to Maronka and is so happy to be back in school.

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