Thursday, 29 November 2012

Port Loko happenings

We had an action packed weekend in Port Loko with a Phonics workshop for the teachers in Maronka and a bicycle workshop at the Rolal teacher training centre.

Here are some of the highlights…

There was much laughter and fun alongside the learning of phonics teaching techniques, when the EducAid staff get together, I always find there is such a good feeling of friendship and support.

Cobra showing us all how its done!

Miriam caught misbehaving in class..........hands up in the naughty corner oh dear Miriam

No shouting out the answer.......hands up please


A model plane made by the children in Maronka, just needs the wheels now and they will be ready for take off....... 

Relaxing on Sunday afternoon

Thank you to everyone for all your donations, you really are making a big difference to the children's lives here.

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