Saturday, 9 March 2013

Crime Scenes in Maronka

Anne Hewlett former CID Detective Inspector and now an International police trainer and long term volunteer with EducAid came to spend 3 weeks with our Maronka primary students and Rolal secondary students teaching them investigation and critical thinking skills.

Anne worked with the primary school students to investigate a theft in the village during the 1st week and the children had to balance their family values with justice values as the guilty person had 10 children. A difficult decision to send the guilty person to prison and leave his children fatherless but they came to the right decision in the end.

During the 2nd week, with our Rolal students, Anne set up a murder crime scene and the students spent the week investigating, gathering evidence, interviewing suspects and preparing for a court case.

It was a very interesting case with all the clues pointing to the suspect’s guilt and in the final few hours the evidence changed rapidly and resulted in the suspect receiving a not guilty verdict due to mistaken identity. 

"It was hard work on the brain but very enjoyable" said one student

I really enjoyed the sessions I observed, they were very lively and full of energy. It is always very interesting to me to see how people arrive at their decisions, good fun too, thank you Anne.

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