Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dramas and Bicycles

The Port Loko bicycle got underway project this week and will enable the girls to learn to ride a bike and for some of the older girls to learn some maintenance skills. The project will extend out to our secondary schools so that EducAid will have a library of bicycles for day students to loan and get them to school quickly and safely every day and the only fees the students are asked to pay are the EducAid fees of; excellent attendance, excellent behaviour and excellent effort, great hey!

All these Maronka primary children (looking very serious at the end of it all) performed their plays in front of over 200 secondary age students last week and they were fantastic, very confident and professional for such small children. They also entered into a local performance competition and by far won the most prizes on the day. I know I am repeating myself but I cannot convey in a blog how wonderful they all were and their teachers Isata and Cobra have done such a great job ; )

Talking of bicycles, I just got my very own bicycle (kindly donated by Jack the bicycle project manager) and the training will commence as soon as there is a dry hour this week. I need to learn to ride a bike first, small steps big change as I usually say, so I will be cycling very soon I hope.

Fingers crossed for me everyone and I will be reminding you about all the promised sponsorship shortly especially all of you who talked me into it and then talked yourselves out of it, you know who you are
; ).  It's 200 miles approximately, from Hoek Van Holland to Belgium via Amsterdam! Who on earth told me to put my mouth into action before engaging my brain?


Meanwhile the washing continues in Maronka.................until next time love from us all xx

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  1. I guess washing will never be the same when you get home :) It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since you both went off on your wonderful experience. Everyone looks so happy which is a joy to see. Sending you our love. Mama and Pops Spencer xxx