Friday, 19 July 2013

Maronka Girls July 2013

 Simple pleasures, yummy coconut water, more please Marion

yummy pleasures for sharing, more please Marion

and guess who I found settling in nicely in the junior secondary school, Kadie and Mabinty ; )

Haja loading the vehicle, on our way to Maronka and the women's leadership weekend, women can do what men can do yeah.

We went to visit Isata in Makeni, which got us reminiscing and to thinking about how far we have come since the girls safe house opened nearly 2 years ago. Isata has just finished her exams and is on her way to Maronka for the summer, its fantastic that Isata still comes for holidays from university to visit this lovely family of girls and we feel very proud of their progress. Marion and Isatu are doing an excellent job and Isata will be there to help support them whilst they do their own studies over the summer (they are both studying for their Distance Higher Teacher Certificate). That is how it works in EducAid everyone supports each other.

A selection of lovely skirts, the dressmaking classes are progressing and we are having a Learn to Ride Weekend so the girls can learn to ride bicycles, all part of teaching the girls skills which will be useful in their future.........

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Its time for change worldwide and small small steps make big big change, keep supporting our girls and girls worldwide ; )

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