Saturday, 13 April 2013

Maronka Girls Latest News April 2013

Hi Everyone,

Its been a busy few months and there has been lots happening in Maronka.

Sports day was great fun with many enthusiastic competitors and supporters. When I asked Marion did she win she said Yes I came first, first at the back and I think that puts it very nicely. They all had a fantstic time despite the heat and the dust.

 One of the 1st's at the back Mary

Agnes is cheering on the green team in the tug of peace

and they must have won as Agnes is very excited  ; )

Everyone joins in on sports day even the little ones

and here I am just hanging out, very pleased to have missed the staff races.

The trustees came for a visit in February and enjoyed their stay so much they are wishing they could afford to make it an annual event. They stayed for 2 nights in Maronka and were delighted with the children's progress and thanked the staff for their dedication and hard work.

Some of our girls are studying hard preparing for their primary exams in May and we wish them luck, its a first for Maronka to take the primary exams and it is very exciting.
Miriam says......EducAid Maronka sit the National Primary School Examination for the first time on 4th May. With the hard work and support from Mohammed Cobra Bangura and Alusine Barrie in particular, we have every confidence that the Eagles class will do exceptionally well and make us proud.
Go Maronka Go!
Marion and Isatu are now working on their higher teaching certificate during the holidays and we wish them luck with all their studies. They are both very dedicated young women and great role models for our girls.

We are building accommodation for the boys in the village, within the next few months they will all be sleeping together under one roof, great progress.......

We have started dressmaking lessons for some of the girls and we have our own fashion label........

We have 2 new volunteers Francesca and Polly who will be working on agriculture and art...........

watch this space for updates.

I have spent the last 2 weeks in the UK gathering donations from many of you. Thank you so much for the mobile phones, laptops, material, toothbrushes and monetary donations they are really appreciated. Its funny but I don't think many of you realise just how much a difference your donations make, small or large they all make a big difference to our girls and EducAid as a whole.

If you want to know more about our work, get involved or you know of someone else who would like to volunteer or support our work or if you have items you would like to donate please email us at

If you want to make a donation please go to and click on the mydonate button. Remember it costs £15 per month to educate and feed a child, that is a pizza and a drink in the UK. The best gift you could give us is to sign up for a direct debit of £15 per month.

If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid's work with vulnerable young people, please go to 

You can keep up with the currrent news and activities at the EducAid Face Book website:

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Its time for change worldwide and small small steps make big big change, keep supporting our girls and girls worldwide ; )

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