Sunday, 2 December 2012

Maronka Girls

With Christmas coming I am feeling a bit sad not to be spending time here with the girls this year, although I know that Marion and Isatu, who are leading the girls Safe House and the girls will miss me too, I think I will miss them so much more. 

Luckily, I will have happy memories of last Christmas to keep me warm in the UK this year as although I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends, going back to the freezing cold and hustle and bustle of London is not so appealing when the sun is shining here like it is right now.

Myself and Miriam have been keeping ourselves out of trouble by sewing sleeping bags for the boys in the village to help prevent malaria and we are 40 down, so just 50 more to go for the boys and about 10 more for the girls should just about do it.

Marion Project leader with our newest girl in the village, baby Agnes, she is the cutest ; )

Isatu Project Leader I crept up on her teaching her class.

Lucinda and Miriam are growing so fast.....

Some of our Girls in class with teacher ABJ

Memanatu looking very bright and she wants to say hello Hayley, Kaylem and Sienna xxx

and not forgetting our 2 newest boys in Maronka Ali and Hakim

Thank you to everyone for all your donations, you really are making a big difference to the children's lives here. One of our latest volunteers Pat Horn made a suggestion that when everyone is doing their Christmas shopping they should buy an extra present for EducAid, I think that sounds like an excellent idea. If you want to make a donation please go to and click on the mydonate button. If you have materials, books or items of clothing or you would like to donate your time please email me at

If you are interested in knowing more about EducAid's work with vulnerable young people, please go to 

You can keep up with the currrent news and activities at the EducAid Face Book website:

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