Wednesday, 5 September 2012

EducAid bike ride 2012

Its a funny thing now on reflection, when I signed up for the bike ride to raise money for the children in Sierra Leone I didn't think about how hard it would be and all the obstacles I and others would face. I guess my naivety that riding 220 + miles in 3 days would be a leisurely bike ride along canals and the coast says it all.  I guess I am a cup half full kinda person which is just as well as it was one hell of a ride........

Before we got on the ferry, one persons bike got stolen, 2 people forgot their passports! All 3 of these people through sheer determination joined us and completed the bike ride and the stolen bike was recovered on our return to the UK, how about that!

Day ONE, we arrived at Hoek Van Holland and there were gale force winds,  rain, sunshine, sand from the dunes in your eyes, worse than doing 20 spinning classes,  every mile forward felt like 5 backwards, we rode 40 miles and it took 5 hours! The support vehicle broke down putting Petrol into a diesel engine does not work, several minor injuries. I nearly gave up but when we all met up in Haarlem I soon realised that I was not the only one with obstacles to tackle we all had them and we would beat them together. Our dream team arrived smiling at the hotel after a wonderful afternoon cycling.

Day TWO, more minor injuries, forgotten bikes to be sent for, running out of water supplies....... the cake was sooo delicious, I don't think I have eaten so much in ages.

Day THREE, saddle sore people, hungover people, sleep deprived people............our dream team arrived in Antwerp 1st whoohoo! Then onto Brussels and we all arrived together as one team to celebrate with some bubbly and a meal, fantastic ; )

Kofi who is 7 years old took part and rode 10+ miles every day and he did it really really fast in Harry Potter style and with a great big smile ; )

It was a very hard & amazing experience for me and others I am sure, not everyone on the bike ride was an experienced long distance cyclist.  Every penny raised was earned, my legs, arms and butt will never be the same again.

The main benefit is the money raised for EducAid to continue their great work in providing free education in Sierra Leone and the fantastic Womens Projects and the Girls Safe House in Maronka, which is dear to my heart.

However, I gained some personal benefits, the crash course I gained in bike riding and the great people I met who inspired me with their kindness. Oh and the fact that next time I tell myself I cannot do another minute of exercise I now know I can do another hour ; )

The obstacles we faced are nothing compared to the children in Sierra Leone, many who have no parents, no money and therefore no chance of education, unless of course they are able to come to EducAid where it is free.  With your help and for less than a pizza & a coke a month we can feed and educate a child.

Thankyou to all the generous people who sponsored us and all the wonderful and kind people who I met on the bike ride who gave up their time to take part and if you haven't yet sponsored us there is still time.

Please sponsor the EducAid bike ride by clicking on this link

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