Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Back in Maronka with my girls

Hi Everyone

The time has flown by and it is so good to be back with the girls. As many of you will know my daughter Hayley and grandchildren (Kaylem and Sienna) came out with me for a visit and they enjoyed the experience. Hayley loved her time teaching the Sparrows but not so much the spiders. Kaylem said his favourite thing was washing with a bucket in the wash yard and Sienna enjoyed swimming with Miriam. It was lovely to have my family here and it made me feel very proud and blessed. Even though the time was short we managed to get to visit all the schools, the beach and the chimpanzee sanctuary too.

This cheeky chimp threw stones at us and we were not allowed to throw them back!

All the girls seem to have grown such a lot and there are mangoes everywhere in Maronka, you cannot move for mangoes and almost everyday the children bring me mangoes, which is just as well as I don't much fancy climbing the trees for them myself.

The girls packing mangoes to send to their friends in the Lumley school and eating lots of them too.

We have been working on some new projects as ever. We are doing some research into setting up a bicycle project with the Rolal school in Port Loko and I had the task of going to see the First Lady at Presidential Lodge to ask for her support with shipping items into the country. She was very supportive and has given us a letter to approach the Minister of Education, so prayers or fingers crossed please everyone that we get a positive result for EducAid.

We have also been working on behaviour management in the house and the school and talking to the children about the importance of Respect and Love for one another. They have come up with lots of good ideas so far and it been very heartwarming to see the children thinking of positive ways to be kind to each other.

Some pics of Hayley, Kaylem and Sienna in Maronka ; )

Isata has got everything running smoothly in the girls house so I will be doing some work at the Rogbere school site from the 21st May with the Women's Project and business mentoring in the local community there so I will be splitting my time between Rogbere and Maronka. I am both excited and nervous about this new challenge and will keep you posted on how it all goes.

A typical Sunday in our house, playing scrabble, balance ball, hair plaiting, cooking and WASHING......its still here, I don't know why I ever thought it was going to reduce.

Thats all for now folks.............much love Ann, Isata, Miriam and all the Maronka girls xxx

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