Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Latest news from Maronka Girls 2

We have great internet access at the moment so I thought I would send you more of our news and photos while I can, 37 girls now. We have been doing some fun things like taking the children to the beach and we had our 1st EVER birthday party in Maronka village on the 17th November for Sumaila which was greatly enjoyed by all, with popcorn, prawn crackers and pineapple drink all round. As there are so many of us we have decided to celebrate all the monthly birthdays on one day each month.

Jane is our newest volunteer and came to stay with us at the girls house on Sunday. Jane has been a Lecturer in Higher Education for the past ten years where she has enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of her young students and helping them achieve their personal and academic goals.

In her spare time Jane loves to travel and meet new people. She also loves walking the hills of Northern England and cooking for her  sons, Tom and George.

For a number of years she volunteered for a young person's drumming and dance group, enjoying playing Afro-Brazilian rhythms, singing and dancing (when nobody is looking :).

Jane is looking forward to using her experience to help the girls and young women feel strong to take steps towards a brighter future.

Diana has booked her ticket and is coming out to volunteer on the 22nd January for 3 months. If you would like to volunteer or know of anyone else who wants to volunteer from April next year, please put them in touch with us.

As many of the children stayed on site for the half term we took them to the beach, I have never seen so many happy children and so well behaved too. Most of them had never seen the sea before and they were shouting the sea is slapping us and had the most delightful day.

the children buried the teachers and Isata in the sand

then the teachers got their own back

I mentioned the challenge of the washing previously, the other challenge is 37 girls plaiting their hair on the weekend, heres my favourite before and after shot of Isatu. Isatu was selling palm wine every day, living an appalling existence and not attending school. Her parents left her with us in October and she is now doing very well. Our newest girl Mariama came to stay on Thursday from Freetown bringing the total up to 37.

Happy days

Love Ann, Isata, Miriam, Jane & the Maronka girls

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