Monday, 17 October 2011

Girls House Opening 1st October 2011

The girls house opened successfully on Saturday, 1st October, with much ceremony, noise and palm wine. The girls looked beautiful in their dresses and sang and acted with great confidence. It was a great day.

The celebrations started the night before with the men taking up position outside the house with their percussion instruments and the palm wine was flowing. The women and children joined the party and the drumming, singing and dancing carried on into the night.

The chief, Obai, and his sister Zainab did the honours of cutting the ribbon and blessing and opening the house.

We currently have 33 girls, ranging in age from 4 to 14 years. We lost 3 girls, last week, who went off to the Women's Project and the beginnings of secondary school, resulting in lots of tears all round on the morning of departure.

Life in Maronka is very in your face.  Following the opening we had to attend Obai's father-in-law's funeral the next day. A few days later, Yenken gave birth to a baby boy and myself and Miriam were holding the baby within seconds of Mohammed Obai being born. It was just in time really as Yenken had asked Miriam for a lift to the hospital and Mohammed could have been born in the vehicle. I am not sure Miriam would have enjoyed that at all, so it all worked out right in the end and Yenken and Mohammed are well.

The girls are busy telling myself and Isata their life stories and some are so tragic. There is hope now for all these girls, though, they have a chance to develop their confidence, self esteem, values and education and they are part of a family that will share love and care for each other

Story time for 13 little girls is very different from reading a bedtime story to 1 or 2. I always seem to hype them up not relax them ready for sleeping. The other night I was bundled by them all with hugs and kisses, they nearly strangled me.

Washing at the weekend is a major feat, 33 pairs of knickers times 7 days a week is more than enough washing, let alone all the rest............more washing lines are definitely needed.

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