Sunday, 12 June 2011

First volunteer - Ann Beatty

We are very very fortunate to have got a fantastic first volunteer to go and start the safe house.  Ann Beatty will move out to Sierra Leone for six months in September to run the project with the first set of girls.  Ann is already in action.  Not only is she madly drumming up support for the cause and researching all possible interventions and activites, she has also lined up her successor.

Ann Beatty - getting ready to head out to Maronka
Ann Beatty is a long-standing friend of EducAid's and indeed of Maronka's.  She first visited Sierra Leone in 2007.  When Ann first visited Maronka, this was the drinking water source!

Ann has a heart of gold and she is also a dynamic and 'go get' sort of person.  She organised friends and colleagues into collecting the necessary to dig a well.  Now this is the drinking water source!

Newly dug and capped well with a pump in early 2009, providing safe water for the school and all the village. 
What an amazing role model for the girls.

Good luck Ann in all your preparations.  The team is excited to have you at the helm.

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